I was telling a friend the other day, that I prefer those who openly show their weaknesses and are not afraid to be sincere about who they are. I’ve met the Buddhist, the Atheist and the Agnostic , I think they are truer than you, my brother.

They won’t stab you in the front with a broken cross. They won’t change their mind one day and tell you “God changed His”.

I prefer those who tell you they can’t and so they don’t than those who promise “For better, for worse, my love will remain” while asking another for her room number. I prefer those who puff their cigarette openly to those who sin in the privacy of their walls only to judge the former in open.

When they say “I love you”, please run away. They come with their bag of trouble! Run for dear life.

I segregate not based on beliefs. Life segregates based on what settles after the stirring. They look you in the eye and lie to you, and tell you you were imagining things, meanwhile, even whistling Bingo knew you had just been fooled.

It’s a confusing world where grey means black and white, literally. What a tragic joke nature has played on mankind! 

When they say “Look into my eyes baby, trust me!”, tell them “I rather trust the “pet me” sign on a python than trust what your eyes tell me!”
Rants of a betrayed chic,

5 thoughts on “ Real Eyes Realize Real Lies ”

  1. Winnie pls let people quit pretending everything is fine and lets just let it all out for goodness sake! Lol, wd write my own and send too. You must publish oo..lool


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