Temi is a young lady who just graduated from the university. Sleeping and keeping tabs with all the social media platforms whilst she awaits her nysc call up letter is her newly found way of life.

One afternoon, in the usual business of keeping tabs on social media, a friend request on facebook popped up. It was the same dude Temi had met and had a crush on 2years ago at a cousin’s naming ceremony. His name is Femi, he is a very smart and hardworking guy. Femi works with one of the biggest audit firms in the country. In fact,  Gist even had it that he had gotten a double promotion at work. *Why won’t Temi trip*

Femi and Temi started chatting via facebook and soon they exchanged phone numbers and BBM pins. And just like that, Femi and Temi have become lovebirds. They stay up late chatting and catching up on how their days went. Temi is a member of Daystar Christian Center whilst Femi is a Jehova’s witness. One would think this would be a stumbling block but both of them were soooo in love they really just wanted to enjoy the being in love.

The feelings for eacho ther grew as seconds, minutes, hours, days, months passed by. They cultivated the habit of chilling in the lobbies of nice 5star hotels in lagos every sunday afternoon. The love between this two lovebirds waxed stronger until… *drumrolls*

Femi’s 30th birthday is here, he needs to start thinking of  settling down, its time to be real, its time to lay the facts on the table, its time to take that critical decision. They have different beliefs, is it possible to reach a compromise? if they go ahead with marriage which of the beliefs will they teach their kids? Could this be the end of the love they both share?  Could this be what they mean when they say “Don’t bother smelling what you know you won’t eat”?

Sent in by Anonymous.



3 thoughts on “ Yanga Dey Sleep… ”

  1. People always like what isn't good for them. Like im sure girls in Temi's situation have other guy's drooling over her, yet she wnt even ja them face. Abegiii, JW peeps dont convert. I wish them luck.


  2. It's quite natural to chase fantasy and ignore reality…you can't remove the fact that human love has a selfish undertone which is responsible for this sort of situation…The bad thing is the legs of reality are more suited for marathon races…soon enough they catch up and you have to turn around and face it


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