So Amaka decided to spend her holiday in Lagos with a plan to turn up at every opportunity she had. She hurriedly packed her bags the night before and arrived the local airport at the nick of time for her flight.

 She heaved a sigh of relief when the plane landed. Yea, she was still scared of a plane crash. 

“Aunty, you no say traffic dey for road plenty. Abeg, na 7000 naira to Ikoyi. Emabinu” explained the cab driver who accosted her at the exit from luggage claim.

After haggling her way through various drivers, she finally got a suitable price. True to the fact, the route to the island was blocked by trailers who had parked on the major road.

“Hey gurrll…its your birthday…say hiii…Rhythm Unplugged happens this evening….” echoed the quacky radio from the less than decent cab.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to make the show. She was too tired.


“Yay! Yes let’s go to Elegushi!”

She drove down to Lekki and spent 2 hours in traffic from the Toll gate to the 3rd roundabout. The distance which is usually a 2-minute drive. 

She arrived around 8:00 pm but for the dark skies, she would have bet it was 2pm because of the crowd at the beach.

Families set up their blankets on the floor with kids running around and barely no space to sit down.

“Is this life?” she thought to herself. She bought some suya, sat on the bare sand and tried not scream each time someone threw a “banger” close to her.

Yea she was still scared of knockouts!

She didn’t attend any more shows. She spent time with family and loved ones. She could have gone for the “Wakaà” stage play but you know how these things go. 

She doesn’t plan to spend the next Christmas in Lagos. Maybe New York, like I mean New York in Abraka, Delta State. Ain’t no difference mehn. Lagos gra-gra is just too much.


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