It  started off as my rebound. Blogging, I mean. Lol. I didn’t think I would ever become a blogger, again. *enough of my mushy mushy over-practiced Oscar-award-winning-thank-you-speech*

Ok, so in 20 days, it will be one year since my first post. I wanna say thank you to everyone who has clicked the “ournairastory” link and smiled. Thank you, thank you!

But wait though, I have heard a thousand stories I could have replicated as some sort of fiction, but I did not because people’s lives are “people’s lives”! However public, they definitely need some privacy. Long and short, what I’m trying to say is that it’s not easy to think of entirely fictional stories without adding some “real” flavors, *phew*, but I guess I tried.

If you by chance see your reflection in the mirror of my stories, I sincerely apologize and hope the inconvenience is not repeated in future.

So so, dear visitor, I am grateful for your following and I hope we enjoy many more years to come.

Thank you once again, and remember, “It’s not the critic who counts…”


2 thoughts on “ One Year Baby! ”

  1. Not sure u need to apologise though for anyone who sees a reflection of some kind in ur fiction. The truth is ur paths crossed and am not sure either of u had anything to do with it. Every imagination came from somewhere. Congrats BTW.


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