The aso-ebi fabric was splufik! Everything was set for the wedding, except that the gown was too tight and she didn’t know how to tie her gele.

She sucked in her tummy and did the best she could in tying her scarf.

11:30 am?!” Zaaappp! She hurried downstairs to catch the first taxi she saw. As she walked into the church, one of the groomsmen caught her attention. 

” Chai, see fine boy!” She thought to herself, “Market must sell today sha, bad as e bad at least one customer.”

She saw her girlfriends from work and said “hi” from a distance.

“Nonso, wassup now? Come lets take selfies”

“Na trouble? Me no do single ladies with una oo!! Abeg, life na per head, leave me” she hissed

With that, she grudgingly walked to them and smiled for the camera.

She joined the only chic with a car to the reception venue, alongside three others. 

They watched with amazement how Nonso abandoned them and went to sit close to the groomsmen/bridal train table.

“Ahan! Nawa o, why are you acting so weird? Any issue?” pinged Adaora

“Abeg make una no vex. I just saw some old friends on this table that’s why” replied Nonso

I saw her today at the office as she was narrating how one bobo who she met at the wedding, asked her for a date, I could see the excitement in her eyes…

“See eh, I’ve told dem Joy sorry o, haa, I didn’t want them to spoil my market na. We are friends, yea, but when it comes to marriage mata, mehn, aint nobadi gat tym for that!”

Laugh almost choked me.


10 thoughts on “ Aint Nobody Got Time For That. ”

  1. Marriage ain't for everyone. Can't understand why people can't just CHOOSE to be happy alone! Not all single people are lonely abeg.

    In other news, madam shey u know dis ur story fit cause wahala? Guys will now be hearing our strategies like dat! Not good na, twas funny tho! Nice one


  2. ” Chai, see fine boy!” She thought to herself, “Market must sell today sha, bad as e bad at least one customer.”
    This line killed me! Very funny but strangely the norm today. Lol


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