Have you ever met someone and in one instant, you knew that they would like you? That in the split second it took to generate that thought, you knew that there was a connection that, was like electricity and both parties felt it and even though it’s invisible and no words have been exchanged, mutual thoughts were being exchanged and you were both on the same frequency?

So there I was this Monday evening, I was trying to get home after a day of work onsite with my Dad on Ikorodu road in the usual traffic snarl that is Lagos. 

I looked over to my left and there she was. She was astonishing. She’s the kind of beauty my best friend and I would spend no time arguing where’d she fit in the scale. She broke the scale. 
Possibilities. If not for the close to seven and a half tons of steel between us and hundreds of other road users. The three and a half seconds we spent in that state seemed like an eternity.  She waved her left hand to ask if she could join my lane (left hand: quick, inspect: No ring, she fair skinned and has no light band on her left hand-never wore a ring; meaning not married, never been engaged). Hey, I’m normally courteous, but I actually went outta my way to grant her wish.She couldn’t have asked any nicely. She could have asked with an AK47 and it would still be nice. I yielded. She could take the road. While she was at it, she could take my heart, money and my destiny.
There is this warm feeling I get whenever I’ve done something nice. That’s usually motivation to do stuff. In this case, however, I was a bit selfish. I know that we’ll meet again and when we do she’ll be constrained to at least like me. In her subliminal subconsciousness that is actually her superconscience she’ll remember our little event. If you’re confused, don’t worry I’m confused too. I’m sure I don’t know what I’m saying, but the thought feels good. 

“The road has freed up; Lets go” It was for only a moment. I work too hard, and daydream even harder. 

Now, I had to get home. 

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