“That just sounds like something Bill Cosby would do…”

Her eyes opened, the corners of her lips lifted, and then the eyes twinkled. She let out a very brief but hearty laugh. For a moment, I had penetrated the wall that had been set up before me. All was well and the world stood still for a moment.

But it was for just a moment

She asked “why did you have to say that?” You could see in her eyes that she felt like she had partaken in a very guilty pleasure. She judged herself and she found herself weak.

This was the first time we had sat down to talk and she really tried to be engaging. Maybe it was polite small talk at the table, maybe it she was genuinely fascinated by my person. One thing is for sure-I left the table with a fascinated and slightly puzzled young lady at the other end.

People, it is a brave new world. The borders of political correctness have been shifted severally. Every now and again there is a story of one scandal based on what some fool or figure said or posted. This scandal is usually followed by a quick merciless judgement fueled by social media.  

It is not in my place to say whether this is good or bad, whether this will make people more sensitive or sensible, maybe attitudes of intolerance will change as a result. Only time will tell. I do fear however that people, being people, will adapt and self-censor themselves. It is not my place to say whether that is good or bad thing.

Okay; thought over.

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