The view from her hotel window made her want more, more out of life. “The rich in this city don’t have two heads,” she mused.

Hence she decided to go out and see the city.

She walked along; trying to breathe calmly and absorb all the energy coming from the city of Lagos streets.

She had but a short while to stay, but she wanted to explore and understand what made Lagos Lagos.

While on the stroll, she observed a sign post on one normal-looking property: “Paul Osaji & Co, To Let…”

She immediately placed a call to find out the rent price.

“6.5 million naira per year, Madam,”  said the voice at the other end.

Her first instinct was to ask “For what?!” But then she knew that those who whine never win.

She walked further and called another agent for a recently built set of flats.

“Its 75,000USD only per year. It’s a serviced apartment with a bq ma…”

She swallowed her spit, entered a keke and headed back to her hotel because her feet suddenly felt heavy.

She realized she had been joking with the limited time she had on earth. 

There was some thinking to be done.

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