The sun has set,
The day is over.

The cock has crowed,
The eagles have landed.

Your face is but a memory,
Our secret is buried with your earth.

The violent ones have taken you away,
They who live and die by the sword.

We talked 15 hours before your death,
My spirit shook around the hour of your demise.

I wasn’t sure all my loved ones were safe,
I was sure not to think it could have been you.

The text came in “…Ken is dead”,
I ran down to the spot where we would normally gossip.

Ahmed couldn’t stop me from screaming,
“My Ken is gone!”

Keno! What happened?
Your voice has been silenced by the gentlemen of the highway.

I only imagine from time to time,
How you would have narrated the incident had you survived those bullets.

I still see you in my sleep,
And wish you weren’t gone.

The sun will set for me too,
One day my dear friend.

Then we shall see at Jesus’ feet,
I truly hope to see your face, again.

You live forever, Ken,
In my heart.


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