The sun’s rays danced in through her kitchen window, reminding her of her childhood days when she would play ten-ten with her playmates. Freedom! Yes, that was what the sun rays reminded her of. 

She struggled through the weight of her eighth-month pregnancy to reach for the salt sprinkler.

“Efe! Efeeee! Where are you? Please come and help me pass this salt”

“Madam, I don tell you say make you go rest for upstairs you no gree. I for serve the food for upstairs for you now, eh?!”

“Efe pass me the salt and stop all this your wahala jare. Who told you am not resting?”


“Odion! Thank you for coming! I almost lost the baby o, hmm, if not that Obinna flew back to Nigeria, I would have almost died. Help me thank him o.”

The naming ceremony was celebrated on a large scale with the local “City People” magazine present to capture the creme-de-la-creme of who attended the event.

“Vero please meet my sister’s fiance, Victor, he’s an engineer with Royal BP” said Rosa, her university roommate 

“Ahanna!”screamed Vero

Obinna stared blankly at Vero. He knew the time had come for him to say the truth. 


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