“Please do you know Makama Hall?” asked the stranger

“No, I don’t. I’m a jambite and am even confused with this whole campus arrangement. Sorry I can’t help”

“Ok thanks, but where are you off to? Can I drop you?”

“No, thanks I’m fine.”

With that the stranger parked and alighted.

“Please don’t walk out on me. My name is Obinna, Obinna Madueke. My dad is the Minister of Transport and I just got back from Germany. I’m here to see my junior brother who resides in Makama hall. Don’t be scared, I don’t bite biko!”

With that Vero and Obinna became friends, or maybe more than friends. Because she wouldn’t admit that they were going out until one day when her roomate, Rosa,decided to become friends too with Obinna.

“Leave Obinna alone oo! He’s my friend and that’s it!”

“You no go talk true now o! Is he your bf? Yes or no?!!”

“Rosa na! You no say Ahanna dey abroad, Obi has asked me to marry him but what do I do? Ahanna hasn’t replied any of my letters since 1991, can you imagine? Mama says maybe he’s busy with school and that I shouldn’t break his heart, me I dunno what to do.”

“Vero you know you are a fine girl. Don’t hurry to marry abeg but don’t chase Obinna away. He’a been taking care of you and your family, he looks cool but I think you should tell him now if you aren’t interested. Don’t waste his time oo”

With that, Vero decided to accept Obinna’s proposal in her third year in school, 2 years after Ahanna promised to return. Her love for him had waxed cold; only silent winds gently whispered the moments they shared to her on some nights. She pushed those thoughts away all the while saying, if he truly loved me, he should have come as promised.

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