Vero agreed to be Ahanna’s girlfriend. And so Ahanna found all the excuses needed to pass by No 5, Ezeobi street every other day till he travelled.

On one of those evenings when he pretended to want to buy Tetmosol for the umpteenth time that week, Mama Vero decided to allay his fears.
“Young man, whishi wan be tetmosol everyday na?! I know say na Vero you wan see, hehe. But you dey travel in less than six days, why you wan break her heart?” asked Mama Vero
“No Ma, I won’t do that to her. I love her dearly! Please Ma, I would be back in less than two years to marry her. Please help me convince her that I would be back for her.”
“Ahanna, Vero na still small pikin, she never sabi anything so no wori. Na here I dey, I go ensure say no other bobo buy im market. No wori ehn? Sha dey send am gifts o and letters, you hear?”
Ahanna felt happy, he had her mother on his side. 
As soon as he left the store, Akhije, Odion’s twin brother asked if Mama was really going to give Vero to Ahanna in marriage,
“He is a fine young bobo, I can’t choose for Vero but apparently she likes him. Abi wetin you think?”
“Hmmm, she never know anything about life na, but hopefully it should work, hopefully.”
“I’m going to miss you too Vee, please stop crying,” said Ahanna as he wiped the tears off Vero’s face
He gave her a peck and hugged her for the last time. She cried the more as she gave him a diary , asking him to write down all his thoughts for the period he would be away.
He had just known her for two weeks yet it felt like twenty years His heart beat fast, he felt like a part of him was in her hands, he was madly in love with her, he agreed. 
The following day, Mama Vero read the last letter he gave to Vero before travelling that morning. She read it  aloud in the audience of her three children, in her usual dramatic manner.
Ije loveeeeee!!! Iyemeee, Vee babay! Your bobo really likes you o, hmmm!”
Akhije laughed while Odion gave her the knowing look.
She hoped he would not recount to them how she swallowed the first letter he caught her with.
She shyly dragged the letter from Mama and hurried to her room.
She was shy, she was still young.

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