Part 2

“Good evening, Uncle Titus,” greeted Vero, as he walked in with Ahanna at his back. 

He had a smile on his face. Vero had passed brilliantly. She was going to attend the university in Bendel State. 

Vero hurried out of the house to tell her Mother of the good news.

“Ahanna, why were you looking at her that way?” asked Uncle Titus, who all the while had been watching him though the corner of his eyes

“Papa, I don’t know what you are talking about o, I was only listening to your conversation. Hapu m biko!”

“Dear Vero,

I would be heading back to America next week to complete my studies in Texas and would hope to at least talk to you before I leave.

I would be away for two years but the thought of you already makes my heart go “jigi-jigi”!!! I love you so much and I want you to know I would always think of you and send you gifts.

Vero, you are the love of my life and I cannot do without you. Please let me know your mind, please. 

Can we talk behind Mama Nkechi’s house, under the mango tree tomorrow evening, around 5 o’clock? I would be waiting.

As I drop this golden pen, always remember that my heart writes a thousand words for you.

Your love,

“Vero, what are you reading that you can’t hear your name again?” asked Odion, her elder brother who just returned from school. 

Vero squeezed the paper and swallowed it just before he could snatch it from her.

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