I hoped the elections would be peaceful
And that the after election tribunals would return GMB as president elect
But you made sure we were clear about your promise of peace
You made the call, the call of acceptance, the call of sportsmanship

I have a new found respect for you, Sir
The voice of your 6 year tenure echoed nothingness, I tweeted
But then I was wrong!
Forever I would remember that you chose to do good 
Even with unlimited power to do evil

The noise of the sycophants around you
Perhaps didn’t allow you see that beyond your niceness,
Nigeria was falling apart! 
We needed someone to act and go against the moth of corruption
That has eaten deep into the fabric of our society

I forever would be in honor of you,
Not because you performed as president,
Nor because we hail from the same region,
But because you have shown me, 
That when ambition and peace weigh on a scale
Peace wins! Jonathan you have won!
Not the elections, but a special place in the heart of every right-thinking Nigerian.

7 thoughts on “ Jonathan Has Won! ”

  1. I like this. I remember your earlier post about the elections. U actually were pro buhari…no one can be neutral in such situations


  2. Ermm…..yea I don't think he intentionally did it. I heard from a confirmed sourced that he had to due to an ailment he was born with, a hereditary defect that is only peculiar with the human male species, called Ballzingitis. It is a severe case of being balls-less, or what some scientists would describe as lacking testicles. Symptoms include, being a wimp, coward, and most importantly, a PUSSY!!!


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