Sandra walked quietly home, musing over the results on the notice board. She had failed those four out of the nine subjects she offered, again. 
She wondered if all life was showing her was that she was not good enough. Her strides were long, her body stiff. 
The sky was grey, the rains were coming. The rains reminded her of how long the sun in her life had been away. She could not remember the last time she was happy. She could not remember which part of her life made any sense. She shortened her steps and decided to let the showers wash her rising tears away. She was giving in to the war within her. She was letting herself stay free to lose, free to accept defeat and cry over the defeat.
The tears were not going to change the Fs to As. They were not going to change the advise of the senate on her withdrawal. Nor were the tears going to make it any easier but at least she would have let go of all that was bottled on the inside. 
She thought she heard Ikenna call her name. She had loved Ikenna, Ikenna had someone else he tagged soulmate. She would never win, she accepted. 
*Honk* *Honk* 
“Sandra! Come into the car, let me drop you off. Are you ok? What’s wrong?”
Sandra stood still, staring. Staring into the thin air. She didn’t respond. 
Ikenna came down from the car and shook her. 
“Sandy, what’s going on? Sandy!!”
The rain drops co-mingled with her tears and the salty taste hit her tongue. Her clothes clung to her body while her senses almost let go of her mind.
“To say that life is unfair is to call ashes, grey; we all know that. The pain I feel on the inside cannot be explained to you. I don’t know what to say… Never mind Ikenna, in but a while I would see my Creator and then I know my words won’t be few.”


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