I finally landed in Lagos, after 3 hours of delay. It was finally time to get in the weekend mood. Over the past few months, I have lost 3 of my friends to the institution of marriage. Once again another one was about to bid another one goodbye. We were all seated by the pool, groomsmen and bridesmaids getting acquainted, nibbling on small chops and downing some good liquor. A stretch hummer pulled up and the ladies were out for their *Hens night (have no idea what goes on there). Now that all the ladies were gone, we decided to hit a few places. Charles was going to lead the convoy since the rest of us had become foreigners in Lagos State. In a short while we were at the strip club, yup, a proper strip club for the Nigerian standard, not like the rundown piece of shi*t I once visited in the eastern part of the country. I have a weird taste for art, something deep, dark, twisted sometimes. We headed straight for the lounge upstairs along with a fine selection of strippers for the soon to be husband to say farewell to foreign booty. I was soaking up the view, admiring the various shapes and sizes of ladies with various performances up on stage while I sipped slowly. This was where my night officially commenced. 
She came up from behind, grabbed my butt and whispered ‘you don’t seem to be having much fun’ ‘ nah, I’m cool, I’m just here for the view and to feed my lust’. She was well spoken and had a very confident demeanor. It wasn’t difficult for her to convince me for a private show, we went up into one of the rooms, I sank into the couch, eased off a few buttons off my shirt while she took to the pole. In my short life, I have had quite a few experiences similar to this, but there was something about her, her voice, her ass, her moves, the fierce look in her eyes. She worked the pole like it was a contest and she planned on going home with a medal tonight. For a second I forgot I had paid a premium for this *service. She took it all off and came in for the lap dance. Her body had a scent like she just got out of a rose bath. With a blindfold across her eyes, she performed like she had an Msc in the art of seduction. *——————————* unfortunately I have only a faint recollection of what transpired during the last hour, I doubt I would have given a stripper the reserved opportunity of taking in my D*.
Saturday, 10am and we were done with the church wedding. Driving to the reception venue, a decent RAV4 pulled up beside me at the traffic light and I could have sworn it was Mimi, the stripper from last night.
If you are ever at the strip club, feel free to ask for Mimi and you can thank me later.
P.s music for the day. ‘Earned it by The Weeknd’

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