Here is the conclusion of my story. Hope it’s as good as the first part. 🙂

Do I get a prize if the story is the best? Just curious.. He he he

So after this setback, I was curious to find out what the intruder had told her make her fall for him. He had just been persistent. I felt a good lady had been taken and decided to move on. Anyhow I remained friends with her and stood by her through the issues they had. Meanwhile I had a few misadventures of my own in the relationship department. Some how sha we helped each other through our challenges and evevtual break ups. And suddenly we were both single. At this time, we had become closer than before. So now in December 2013, I was making an effort to get into the dating game again, spending some time with “prospective clients” and lo and behold I found myself thinking about this lady while out with other people. I began to look forward to spending time with her, calling her, hearing her voice. I couldn’t believe it. Again? Falling in love with this woman, 

Again? After dem don pluck ya eyes two times you still deh think am ni? You don deh madt ni? Anyways I just kept it in my heart. Then she began teasing me that I’m going on dates, enjoying my myself, that she is also ready to date, saying that f i know anyone who she might like as her friend, Ishould hook her up. Aah, me weh don deh trip before, I go just find person come give am the woman weh I don chase taya. 

Abi mo ti sun ni? As I think am, she don disappoint me twice before, do I want to get a third disappointment? Anyways I decided to give it a shot a third time and she said YES. So that is the climax of a story that spans over 8 years. I’m blessed to have a blessing in that woman, she knows me, and accepts me with my strengths and weaknesses. She has helped me through things in ways she doesn’t even know. I really appreciate her and I’m grateful to be in a wonderful relationship with my best friend. Don’t get me wrong we have issues from time to time like other people but we resolve them amicably.

 So people that is the beginning of a great story. One year down and things care more beautiful than I could have imagined. God truly answers prayers.


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