I met my special person about 8 years ago while I was in final year and she just got into medical school. We were in the same fellowship at the time. I can’t remember exactly how we started talking but somehow we became acquaintances. Then I visited her a lot and spent time in her room, to the point her room mates became my acquaintances too. When I finally decided to ask her out then, it was a flat no. Her words were “I am not interested in a relationship”. I thought hey, she doesn’t know you well enough so you can’t blame her. 

So yours truly picked up himself and maintained a  friendship with her. Fast forward to six years ago, failed-relationships older and fresh from NYSC, I came back to Lagos and continued to be friends with her, again yours truly, being “wiser” now, sharpened his “toasting skills” and set to work, calling this special woman, spending time with her, getting to know her more. 

Of course as expected I asked her out again. This time she said she’d think about it. Mehn she can think for life eh, for she took a long time, (a mere three weeks oh), but it felt like ages as I waited with bated breath. Mehn her answer was NO. I was actually devastated. I thought the reason didn’t matter, while she was explaining her reasons my brain shut down. I only vaguely remember hearing something like “I don’t like you like that”. What the hell? So why did you take that long? There were more questions than answers. So I gave up. And kept my distance from her for a time, though i was still a friend. Hmmm. Fingers crossed. Stay with me. Of course I had the intention of asking her out again, and I’m sure you all are wondering what was so special about this babe. Now it was not the outward beauty-she was beautiful no less-but her make up as a person in terms of her character, outlook to life, value system and all. I was looking for someone responsible, with whom I could build a future with, a christian, and I thought I had found that in her. It’s not easy to see good girls these days you know. 

So that was what was “pushing” me oh. So as you can imagine I was preparing for a final bid the next year, which was about 4 years ago. So while I was strategizing and plotting, something happened that really blew me. I remember exactly what I was doing in that fateful cold night in August 2011. I had gone for a course in Ibadan and was just browsing on Facebook when I saw it:STATUS – IN A RELATIONSHIP. What? How? With whom? How could the woman I wanted to be with be with another man. I felt so low and battled all kinds of emotion. I was angry at her, for dating someone else. How could I find out on Facebook that she was in a relationship? It means I meant nothing to her. I was angry. I just called her and congratulated her and wished her well. But alas God had other plans. I’m sure you are wondering why I’m saying all this, it is supposed to be a romantic account of how I met my love. Please stay with me.

By Anonymous E.


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