“Babes wassup? Which Tunji are you wishing happy married life?” asked Amaka, over the blackberry messenger.
“Can’t you see my dp?  Tunji Badmus na…the wedding is today at Four Points. I’m late already sef…” said Peju
Amaka stared at me, her eyes were blank. 
“Amy, oginni?” I asked, as I ate my last hobnobs biscuit. The last of the pack Tunji had brought some weeks before.
“Caro, Tj is getting married!”
“Eh? No na…wait…you agreed? Why didn’t you tell me he had proposed…that’s how you will pick bridal train and forget…”
“Nooooo! This isn’t possible. How can Tj do this to me?! Ahhh, my God!”
I grabbed the phone from her and read the last chat. The one from Peju, one of our hostel mates. Before I could take a look at the picture, Amaka started for the door.
“Amaka wer you dey go? Amy!” 
I ran after her and held her tight, a small crowd had gathered asking what was wrong. Amaka who was still in shock kept staring into space while I signalled them to leave.
“Where you been wan go before, eh Amaka? See your eyes as dey don red finish. Ahan, because of man. Nawa for you o!! Oya take small indomie at least. Abeg,” I said as I forced a portion into her mouth
“Caro do you know what hurts the most? He’s getting married to Yetunde, my former roomie. How they got to meet I can’t even say. Ahhh! This is not fair. What does she have that I don’t? Why did he lead me on? You were here when he brought the last set of provisions two weeks ago and said he won’t be around for a while because he was the best man for his friend’s wedding and would be heavily involved in the planning. God will judge you Tj!”
I wanted to tell Amaka it was her anxiety and naivety that made her experience the heartbreak. She shared too much of her life on Facebook, she shared her love life with too many friends, too many of us knew Tj’s house to start with and her confidence and trust in Tj made her blind to too many things. I wanted to ask her if all her actions were to convince herself and Tj that they were truly in love, but I changed my mind hoping she would learn somehow along the way, to love again.
I regret not having that discussion 7 years ago with Amy. I was with my kids at the mall yesterday when I saw Amy, she’s 32 now and unmarried. She explained that she hadn’t gotten into any relationship after Tj, and that she was pretty lonely and was fine with that rather than having a liar, cheat and heartbreaker as a husband. I told her to let go of the past and focus on opening her heart to love again.
Coincidentally, I had seen Tj the week before though and he had explained how Amy had done abortions for him and how he was scared she wouldn’t have been able to bear his kids. I didn’t tell Amy this o. Ah, only a learner would have done that or what  do you think?

3 thoughts on “ Lie To Me…Again. ”

  1. Women tho! They can be stupidly naive most times! Before u say fiam, boo this boo that! Make una learn o…these hoes aint loyal!! #my50Cents!


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