Neither pro GEJ nor Buhari. Not interested in their grandiose promises which characterize the metaphorical white elephant neither am I interested in knowing who you are going to vote for.

I am for Mr President. I am for Nigeria. I’m for those whose voices we can’t hear. Those who have died unjustly because of very selfish political interests. I’m for the poor who can’t access medical services at the shut down general hospitals, I’m for the fresh fish seller in port harcourt who had to change trade due to oil spillage, I’m for the graduate with good grades who can’t secure gainful employment, I’m for the northern resident who can’t sleep in peace for the fear of boko haram, I’m for the 2000 massacred in Baga, I’m for change.

I do not know who will cause this change we all seek, all I know is that if we truly want a changed country, we must support those in power. If we can power our generators then maybe we can create jobs, maybe we can sponsor a child through school, maybe we can spread the news about knowledge being power and the way out of poverty. 

I’m not pro GEJ, I’m not pro Buhari. I don’t believe anyone can eradicate poverty or change the mindset of a people through good governance. The liberation of any people starts with the liberation of their minds.

I will neither vote for a pastor nor a Muslim. I will neither vote for a minority group nor for sentiments. I will vote for the best man for the job after reading their manifestos, that is.

I hope the best man wins but I also know that whether or not you concur, my future lies in my hands.

All the best, Mr President.

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