Tunji was celebrating his latest “maga” and we were off to the night club. The club boys in school had publicized the party in all the major halls in school. So much that, anyone who did not plan to attend was said to be dulling.

The party was fun! Moët, Ace of Spades and other expensive drinks were served. I just sat there, watching  and sipping my Smirnoff Ice as people were displaying in their drunken state.


*4:07 am, Bode Thomas, Surulere*

“Tj, I can drive us home. You look pretty wasted! I just finished my driving lessons. E jo, e fun mi ni key!” I said 

“Babes don’t…. worry, I’m cool. I’d take you to the hostel safely…….ok ?!”

Tunji sped off like it was no man’s business. I was uneasy more because Tj didn’t like being told what to do.

Two minutes later, we saw a check point. 

“Chairman, how fa? Anything for the boys?” said Oga Police

“Oga fimile jo! Naso una go dey beg up and down!” Tj replied

“What did you just say? Oya come down! You look drunk and you were even over speeding. You will know something today! If na ashawo, you go pay, common police wey dey protect una, una no wan settle. Bole jo!”

Just as the police man was trying to call his colleagues, Tunji tried to divert and speed off when we heard a gun shot. 

The police man had shot Tunji. The police man was drunk. 

“Tunji!!!!!!!!” I screamed. 

I called some other guys from the party as the policemen ran away when they saw what had happened. 

We rushed him to LUTH. To the accident and emergency section. At least, that was what the notice board indicated.

“Excuse me nurse, my friend is dying! He just got shot. He’s dying, he needs blood! He was just shot by a drunk policeman.” I narrated, rushing my words so fast that I wasn’t sure if she heard all I had said.

“Ahhh, we need police report o! And even if we decide to treat him, I mean, to stabilize him, you still have to go to UBA to get receipt before we start anything!” said Sisi Nurse.

I called a doctor’s attention. He said I should do all the nurse had said so they can start work immediately. He was busy, the hospital was understaffed, he looked tired. Tunji looked dead.

Whilst holding on to Tunji’s head, calling his name, screaming for help, a patients relative came to complain about the dead body that had been by her sister all day, that she needed them to come remove it.

The doctor played deaf. The second nurse hissed and started shouting at a sickle cell patient who was in pains.

“Excuse me, do I look like a mortuary attendant to you? Please don’t disturb me o! Young girl,” she said as she turned towards us, “please move the body out of the way and stop shouting. You know this is not a club house, it’s a hospital and you aren’t the only patient here!”

Dear President, please remember that after the game, the King and the pawn return to the same box.


5 thoughts on “ Oga Police, Sisi Nurse ”

  1. Nawa o!!!! It's bad…like terribly bad. General hospitals have been on strike for God knows how long and everyone is just acting like they don't give a sh*t!!! Bloody fools we call leaders! Mscheew


  2. It's not enough to blame the government, we all have a part to play! I mean Jonathan did not ask the nurse to be rude or the policeman to drink!! Make the guy rest! Ahan..Wetin happen?


  3. But Jonathan has not said anything about the strike nor improved the welfare of the health workers nor made any drastic change to the way government parastatals are runThat's the whole point of the story.


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