“Let’s make this discreet babe!” Lanre said.

If he had looked into her eyes, maybe he would have seen that she loved him and wanted him to commit. Much more than he would ever imagine.
The nights were fun. His whatsapp pings came in on time and made her smile. He won’t add her on bbm he said, to relieve her of the torture of seeing Ronke as his display pictures, the one he would soon crown “iyawo”.
She would remain in the shadows. She would delude herself, to believe one day he would leave Ronke for her. Something told her it would never happen. Another told her it just might, see her for who she truly was, other than a sex partner.
On Lanre’s wedding day, she put up the best make up she could artfully conjure. She masterfully concealed the swollen eye bags  that came along with previous nights  of crying.
She danced and hugged him and wished him a happy married life. She took a selfie with the couple and posted on Instagram  #hmlBestie #lovelyCouple #teamLanreRonke #asoEbiBella.
I wondered if  you would know it when you saw it. The green eyed monster called envy behind those eyes. The broken spirit behind those smiles. I wondered if she would ever heal again. I wondered who she would tell her story.
But yet again, this blog is for such chronicles!


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