After working hard through the year, I always reserve december as my month of other worldly pleasures. At least, that what I’ve done for the past 4 years with my returning friends looking for a december to remember.

1pm, Saturday 22nd of december, a call from my friend Loola, “Roman!!! I finally found your number, I got into lagos a few days ago and I finally succeeded in convincing some of my friends to do a week in nigeria this holiday. We are spending the week in orientals, boat cruise this evening by 6pm u don’t wanna miss it and oh!, “I’m sure u still have cool friends, come with 2 or 3 of ur coolest Gs.. Ciao ciao” A quick call to Derrick, Wade and Kunle and I was good to go. 

Arrived at the hotel lobby and we were soon greeted by the best 6 packs ever, a pack of ‘halle-berries’ Loola screamed my name, a hug, two quick kisses, a flash of cherished memories and an introduction of both teams. 

In a moment, we were cruising on one of the most luxurious yatch  in lagos, belonged to Loola’s billionaire dad. Played quick catch up with loola and right away I told her I was struck by one of her friends. Alexis was arguably the finest girl in the group but there was something about her that got my attention, she had an accent and didn’t talk much she stood by the edge of the yatch taking pictures of lagos coastline at night. 

‘Hi! I’m Roman, noticed you’ve been keeping to yourself, taking pictures and giggling, do u mind if I look through some of your snap shots?’ ‘Je ne parle pas tres bien anglais’ she responded. A broad smile grew on my face, seems like the french classes I took last summer was about to pay off ‘Je ne comprends qu’un peu le français’. This was perfect, a french girl that spoke little english and myself having spent a few hours learning to speak french.

Drinks sir? Yes please, two glasses of your finest french wine would be perfect. The rest of the evening was spent between incomplete sentences of both french and english, wild pictures, drunk games with the rest of the crew, dancing to silent tunes from the wind, loud chuckles and  a smooth ride back to the dock. She had dozed off on my chest for about 5 minutes. 

Finally we were back at the hotel, Loola gave me the ‘knowing look’ and went off to meet with her doctor boyfriend who had just closed from work. Alexis was still a bit tipsy and glued to my arm, an elevator ride to the 7th floor, now standing in front of her room, I moved to give her a goodnight hug, she held on tight and whispered ‘voulez vous couche avec moi c’est nuite’, I flinched, ‘fuck me tonight, like true african’ she made an attempt in english. 

I picked her up, put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign, in a matter of seconds we were butt naked, I saw her gasp as she gazed upon my member. I paused and decided I was gonna give her a night that words alone wouldn’t be able to describe. I reached to the bedside fridge, brought out a cold bottle of champagne and strawberries, the stars must be in alignment tonight. 

FOREPLAY: I laid her size 6 frame down as I caressed her firm D-cupped tits with one hand, no wonder she hadn’t worn a bra earlier. I sipped champagne off her navel making sure to play with her belly piercing, she moaned slowly as I was everywhere at the same time, kissing off strawberries in her mouth, sucking on her nipples, kissing her neck, and nibbling on her ears, now making a trip down to her french paradise. She picked up a small case, trading places,  shhhhh with a finger across her lips, she emptied the white content onto my chest, like a scene from the movies, that was cocaine, one sniff and I saw her pupils dilate, I have never been this close to the white devil. She sucked my nipples making sure to wipe off what was left on my chest. I kissed her and immediately felt the buzz of coke now on my lips.

With coke, wine, berries and a beauty that could only understand half the things I was saying,  I decided I was going all in, to talk less and and fuck more, the sex was such that would humiliate the authors of the kama sutra, we were in different positions, positions I never even knew the body was capable of. She wasn’t the loud type but in those few hours I’m sure I must have heard all the french exclamations of pain and pleasure. She said ‘please, mercy me’ as I pounded away. 

We both passed out for about 3 hours, The morning came quickly, a quickie in the shower, a couple of pictures, kisses and I was dressed to go home, still feeling stoned I stopped for coffee at the cafe in the hotel lobby. In a few minutes I heard familiar voices, Kunle  and Wade , they had spent the night with their company, and had done good discharging them after basking in base deeds. I called out to them, guessing they must have met in the elevator, buzzed Derrick, He was also just leaving the room he had spent the night, coffee and we were all ready to go, no questions asked but I was certain everyone must have had a memorable night, 5 ladies and 4 guys, definitely, someone must have gotten an extra wheel.        

After years of giving others a December to remember, I finally gave myself one, a taste of Paris. Memories linger as I read the postcard she sent me, obviously, her english had improved ‘happy new year to my African champion, from Paris with love. Alexis xoxo’

*memories from last December*



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