Part I

Things had changed between Remi and me. We used to be great friends until recently.


You see, I’m one to always mind my business.

As a guy, Mama taught me early enough to always speak less and observe more. It was this advice I was following when I landed in trouble. What happened? Chill, I would give you the gist. 
Remi and I were in the same class in school. In fact, everyone thought we were dating at some point. However, she told me I was a “great” friend when I asked her out. Two weeks after my proposal, she started dating some cool guy like that who drove a Range Rover sport. To say I was pained is to underestimate what I went through. People said I should face my work and find a babe on my level. I wanted to tell them God will punish them but I held back, choosing to allow God sort me out.
Somehow, during youth service, I got to serve in this her bobo’s company, an insurance firm in Abuja.  
“Tony see, wahala dey o,” I said
“What is it??”  replied Tony,
” Remi’s bobo is a gigolo o! There is this married lady whom he is…you know…”
“Wow, you need to tell Remi…abi?”
“I would have, but you see, it’s none of my business” 
Maybe I should have made it my business, because when Remi found out, it was too late. Too late to …

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