So if you are a girl, there would be a pang to be a mother, a wife and both at the same time even though you might just want a breath of fresh air, you won’t have that liberty! (House of Cards, Desperate Housewives)

Of all the needs common to animals – food, sex, love, family, shelter – humans cap it all up with the need to betray. (Game of Thrones)

There can never really be peace on the outside. You’ve either just won a battle, or you are preparing for one (Game of Thrones)

Never trust him whom you so much trust. Behind every smile is an untold story, and behind every family is a dark secret. (Game of Thrones, House of Cards)

If there is any gross, malignant or sick thing you have imagined, there’s a 80% chance, someone has done it. (Criminal Minds)

Doctors are often SICK people! Whether emotionally or psychologically, most have a nut screwed weirdly in their heads. (Greys Anatomy)

No one has “it” together. If Harvey Specter can punch someone in the face, then you, my dear can fight in public. The right person hasn’t yanked your tail yet, hold on, it’s coming! (Suits)

Have any more ideas? Please share.


Author: Stacia


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