It’s almost midnight on my almost favourite day of the week: Saturday! It’s the day I can waste the most. I can wake up late (after sleeping late on Friday night) and sleep late as well (Sunday morning will suffer it). No other day like that…early morning wake up on weekdays demands early night retirement…although I think the concept of rest is more psychological than consequential.
It’s past midnight now. Had to feed Buffy. And clean up her mess. Sigh. Nothing good comes easy. Nothing comes easy.
I’ve been watching an interesting series recently (I’m sure I’m one of the last people to, unless you are behind me. 😮 tsk tsk tsk). 
‘Gidi Up’.
The effort put into this Nigerian series is amazing, Everything has been done to make sense. From lighting, sound, picture, acting, script, location, etc. Even the extras in the cast do  great job!
I’ve sort of given up on Nollywood. It’s been too insulting for my intelligence to bear. That notwithstanding, I know a good thing when I see one. And ‘Gidi Up’ is great!
The bigger significance? ‘Cos surely all this can’t be, just for a TV show? Well, no. 
The point here is that in our everyday lives or endeavours, challenges exist (piracy, hard economy, cost optimisation for instance in Nollywood). And it is okay to accept these challenges and deliver like the rest of the crowd. But certain people (Gidi up) step out of the comfort zone to deliver something extraordinary! And they prove to the rest of the world that it is possible to do just that despite the challenges.
Trying not to sound paid for all this “torch-lighting” on ‘Gidi Up’, a few others in this same industry I know have beat the odds are Kunle Afolayan (at least 3 times), the ‘Spider’ series, ‘Bachelors’ started quite well as well.
I know not if these outliers made money out of their outstanding delivery, nor if it was as much as the average shoot-this-movie-in-3-days Nollywood flick would have made but I must say that their effort to break mediocre has been worth it for me.
So, this is my toast to all those who try to make it past basic. All those who make an extra effort to be better, above the average. Kudos. This post may not add to your ledger entries, but I promise to famz you all once I find an opportunity  😀
Dear Reader, it’s okay if you are comfortable with your everyday now. But my 2 cents? Break mediocre! Gidi Up!!!

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