On the evening when Tabade’s bestie brought the news, Sam joined him to LUTH.

Tony’s ping came in just as she sat in the waiting room outside the ICU. She told him what had happened
and he said he would be on his way.

The air was thick with a mix of various odours. The accident and emergency section
was chaotic with both accident victims and fatally sick people being wheeled in. The ambulance alarm refused to stop.
Apparently, Tabade had collided with a “God is Good” bus, 22 people were involved.

An unknown number survived.


“Madam, will you stop shouting! Do you think you are in your backyard or what?”
Please contain yourself!” screamed a nurse. The woman’s bones were shooting out of a joint in her leg.
Sam could not understand why the nurse had to be so cruel.

Apparently, all the nurses were cut from the same fabric. And life in itself  had dealt an unfair deal to too

The screams from the sickle cell patients undergoing their crisis  made Sam shudder. She wept. She wasn’t sure whether it was the
sympathy she felt for the patients or the deplorable state
of the Nigerian health care system, whatever it was, she knew it weighed heavy on her.

It was as she strolled outside the hospital to recieve some fresh air that Tony arrived. He hugged her and then sat down with her.

“Sam, I need you to be strong, okay?”

“Yea, I am. I’m trying to, I mean its hard you know. They won’t even let us see them”, she said as she forced a smile.

“This may not be the perfect time but there’s something I need to show you”

He handed her his phone, the browser had a blog opened.


“Sam! Samantha!”, Tony shook her out of the shock.

Tony went on to explain how he had gotten the link on his bbm
group. The gist accompanying the link was about how Lagos babes lie
and try to trap men. Sam’s journal was scanned and used as a case study.
Sam’s full name was mentioned, along with Tabade’s.

The blog post was written by one UNIT.


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