Part 1

The sun rays made her half dyed hair glow. Soon, she would be at the car park and then on her way home.

Life would continue as it always did. Confusing. The headline news on most blogs that morning carried news of one Dr Myles Munroe. Sad event, she mused. But then as always, life must go on.

She reminisced on her early days in the university. On how Tekena had left her for her best friend after making her undergo three abortions. She no longer appealed to him, she heard. He did not have the guts to say this to her face.

As she approached the car park, Tony honked at her.

“Sam, I’ve been trying to reach you all week”

“Good night Tony, I’d call you this eve, inugo?”

Driving home, she listened to MI ft Waje’s One Naira, If only Tekena had understood that it wasn’t ever about money, but about her sincere love for him.

But then what made her wet her pillows that night wasn’t the loss of Tekena, but the betrayal of Voke, her then bestie.

She remembered the sharp pain she felt, years after university, when she saw a bbm contact update his profile with “Happy Married Life Tekena”…he had married Voke.


Tabade’s call came in some minutes before 11pm.

“Am I on to Sam?”
“Yea, who is this?”
“It’s Tabade, the guy who tried to toast you last Wednesday at Shoprite, remember me?”
“Ohhh, yea I do? Bawoni?”
“Haha, so you speak yoruba?

They connected. She blushed at the thought of the breath of fresh air Tabade would bring into her life.

She would watch her weight now and put on more makeup. She would dye her hair back to normal, again.


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