Growing up, I had always wondered why we had different days dedicated to the celebration of Mothers. Fast forward 20th of February 2012 my first real job at a big company, I had picked out 3 shirts the night before not knowing which I will eventually settle for. 5am, the alarm rings through the mornings peace, I have heard too much about rush hour traffic so I decided to set out of the house by 6am for resumption at 8. “Hope you have everything you need for your first day!” that was my mum, yes mother I’m sorted! I replied. “I made a sandwich for you, you may be hungry before lunchtime” mum I’m alright!, I whispered to myself “I don’t want to be the new guy with a food flask at the office”a quick hug and I went out the door. 9:30 and the hunger was real. I could hardly concentrate anymore, I wish I had taken the sandwich, it was then I realized that almost everyone else had some form of meal arrangement or the other. The rest of the day after lunch was fine and before I could say FASHOLA it was 5pm official closing time. Like everyone else I lingered till about 5:30pm before leaving the office. Ikoyi-3rd mainland axis was a nightmare and I was right at the center of it. Is this not the road I cover in less than 20 minutes every weekend. The crawl through traffic was excruciating, I had been over my playlist twice I had to turn it off. I finally got home around 8:30pm absolutely knackered, straight to my room, took a shower, packed my bag for the next day, I heard her come come in some minutes after I did. All I could remember was waking up Tuesday morning for the same routine, but this time around I happily took my breakfast pack to work. Saturday morning at the gym was when it occurred to me how strong this woman was, with 4 grown up children and a husband, she caters to us all, makes breakfast for those who want, resumes at her office like everyone else with daily tasks and targets, comes back home and prepares dinner for everyone. I was too lazy to eat dinner all through the week how much more the person that had to cook every evening. Shout out to all the good women all around the world. I ‘Roman’ hereby declares today, the day after and the next day as Mother’s Day.
Roman Payne…

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