Tabade never came to pick her up later than planned. He never did. The time read 9:05 pm and still, he was nowhere to be found. Samantha paced around the room, trying his number over and over again; still she could not reach him.
She pinged her best friend Tinu, to nag again about how Tabade had recently changed towards her but the pings did not deliver.
She pulled her off shoes and earrings. Sitting by the vanity mirror, she stared into an almost perfect reflection of beauty. Beauty which perfectly masked the hurt she felt on the inside.
She remembered the poems by one @scarville on twitter and a certain deep sadness swelled on the inside. She quickly wiped the tears off her eyes as she heard the knock on the door. It was Tabade’s best friend, really strange she thought.
As she ushered him in, he suddenly held her tight as he delivered the news;
“Tabade and Tinu were involved in a ghastly accident!”


All the masks in my world
All the darkness in me
In search of one star
To make me breathe again
To make me see again

                                                                twitter: @scarville 


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