Part 3.

I explained everything to Tony. I also told him I had nowhere to run to since my mother will never accept me back. I was so sure she would say I was a bag of trouble. Afterall, Nosa was in her final year in the same school without any issues.

“Ah Rose, this one na serious one o. The only way to protect yourself right now is to join a cult,” said Tony.

The initiation ceremony was horrifying. They flogged me till I passed out. But then I was safe with these new friends though they were strange faces.

“14 missed calls?! Why does Nosa want to kill my battery,” I asked myself. I called back but her line was switched off. “If only I was still staying on campus, I’d have dashed down to her room, later sha.”
I’m in a cab to Ugbowo campus. I’m going to see if truly Tony was seeing well when he said he saw Nosa’s corpse lying at the faculty.

If only this cab guy would stop me. I’m about to start a war.


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