Part 2.

All of us had agreed there would be neither squatters nor male visitors. We also agreed that our female visitors should not sit on the bed of other room mates. Nonye passed the motion and I seconded it.

“Nonye what’s the meaning of this? I mean did I ask you to choose the upper bed? I thought we agreed to not allowing male visitors? So what’s this ratchety fellow doing in the room? On top of my bed for that matter?!” I was furious.

Why is she trying to signal to me? I mean does she now think I’m deaf and dumb??
I went on and on about how I had suffered to get a hostel space and how I did not want anyone to inconvenience me.

Nonye and I did not go to the reading room together that night. She was still angry with me though she seemed bothered about something bigger than our fight.

Just as Nonye was walking out of the hostel, NEPA restored power.

“Nonye I think say you and Rose dey fight? Why you com wear her cloth?” Shouted Titi as she chewed her last biscuit while looking through the window to the main road. We all laughed and said Nonye was too peaceful to hold a grudge.

“They’ve killed Rose ooo. Those cult guys ehhhh. There’s a crowd at Ekenwan road right now. I recognized her cloth. Her face looked disfigured! I hear say she dey rude to the Capone wey com visit her roommate. Dat girl no dey hear word…” narrated the girl from the other wing.

As I heard her from the bathroom, I knew it was time to pack my things.


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