She would never see me that way. She recently just said she sees me as a brother, I honestly wonder where that came from. Not that I’m angry, no I’m not. Ok, maybe a little pissed. Not at her but at the circle of life.

Rosemary just called me to her office, she said she had something to say. As I watched her fiddle with her hair, I imagined what could possibly make her so nervous. “There’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you Osita…”

I went blank. I honestly thought we were really cool as friends because she had often teased me about Rolake and the other chics that easily caught my attention. I mean… It was just weird sha. So I told her I didn’t know what to say because I did not see her that way. But that we would always be friends so there was no need for any “awkwardness”.

So as you may have guessed, that was the last time she spoke to me. I tried to keep in touch but all I got were monosyllabic responses bathed with sublime hatred. I finally heard from a friend of hers that I led her on. See wahala o!

When Rolake told me she sees me as a brother, I remembered the look on Rosemary otherwise perfectly rounded face. It was one of confusion. One of despair.

I would never be hers, Rolake would never be mine. And if I do not find “THE ONE”, I would settle for whatever the puppet master strings.

It’s Monday and November. November is usually better than September, so have a great new month ahead!


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