Part 4

I ran. I ran as fast as I could to the prefects’ lounge. There he was.

“How could you.. do this Obiora, how dare you?! I’m carrying your baby!”, I screamed just as my palm landed on his face.
The room was dead silent. It was common knowledge that my aunt worked as a janitor in Senior Obiora’s house. I usually assisted her during the holidays. You see, his father was a diplomat ; he belonged to the untouchables. On the other hand, I am an orphan with no one in this world except my aunt.

She couldn’t quit her job at the diplomat’s house just because Obiora raped me. She just could not. “How will I survive Anita? Please abort the baby, ” she explained. “The rich always win my dear. Soon you will realise that. It’s just how life is”.

I had told Father Henry of my predicament during my last confession two months before. He promised to help and support me. He said he loved me and did not mind going against the tides to prove it. He lied.
When blackmail and politics shook his castle, it appeared it hung solely on the air.

P.S.: Watch out for the next one. It’s the last part!


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