It wasn’t a regular Monday, I didn’t have to snooze the alarm clock over and over, matter of fact I woke up before it rang. I kicked off with 150 push-ups and a 30 minutes burn session on the thread mill, in and out of the shower, dressed and sanctified with a few shots of creed. The drive to the office was however very typical, everyone was in a rush this morning with kekenapes and taxis stopping square in the middle of the road to drop off and pick up passengers.

My Yanni album has always helped me maintain my cool in traffic, within minutes I was heading to my car park and that was when it happened, the earth stopped for a moment and everything faded away, every single thing except her, everything except the lady in red shoes. Her steps were so graceful, she looked lost and was without a care in the world, it felt like a scene from your favorite Spanish soap opera. The moment lingered and by reflex my foot was already on the brake pedal, I have seen beauty in it’s purest form in time past but this was different, before I could arrange my thought train, I was brought back to reality with the honking of the murano behind me. I caught a glimpse of a smile on her face as she walked away..

Will I ever see her again?
Will I ever see you again?

The lady in red shoes…


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