Part 3.

“Anita talk to me. Who wrote you those letters? If he’s not a coward why would he let you take the heat alone. Hian!” Dumebi pressed on and on. He’s not a coward.

He just told Sister Nela he wrote those letters. Will Dumebi believe me? “I’m in pains Dumebi, I will give you the gist when all this is over, just tell the matron I need something for the pain. Oh how I hate the smell of this sick bay!”

Two weeks passed and I did not hear from Sister Nela or any of the teachers or prefects. All I got were piercing stares from the senior girls.

It appeared as though they wanted to search my soul and find out if their boyfriends had wooed me.
Oh well!

It seemed forever to me then. Oh how I feared. I could not go for mass without feeling awkward.
News flying around was that Father Henry had left the seminary. Nobody seemed to be sure of the reason why. Some speculated that he had found the love of his life, others said his father finally forced him to find a wife. If only he could send me one more letter. Explaining what he told Sister Nela, why he left, if he would truly marry me and whether he felt bad for betraying God.

Things were beginning to return to normal, I started participating in the debating club again.
A competition with another school was on the way and all hands were on deck to select the best students for the d-day, I really wanted to be part of them. I slowly began to forget Father Henry.

I got to my dorm one evening only to find Dumebi with her face in her hands. I gently probed her to tell me what the issue was.
“So it was the head boy all this while?” she asked. I did not understand. Neither did she.


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