Part 2.
Saint Mary’s Secondary School was a school for the rich and for the gifted. Automatic scholarship was given to applicants who could pass the entrance exams, while the others had to pay N200 per term. In the 70’s, this was pretty exorbitant, hence only the rich folks could send their wards there.
You see, my school maintained strict codes of conduct. For example, junior and senior students were not allowed to communicate informally even if blood related them; opposite sex relationships between seniors and juniors were a taboo; inability to make 18 distinctions per session would ultimately lead to withdrawal and so on.
“Give her 24 strokes of the cane,” screamed Sister Nela. “Until you say who wrote you those letters, you won’t be allowed into the dormitory till Monday evening. I’m not going to expel you, I promise. Just tell me who wrote them to you. It’s clearly a senior student judging from how he tells you not to be afraid. Anita, you can trust me. Don’t force my hand to sign your expulsion letter. You are one of our best students…Anita…”
My back ached. The sting from those lashes was unbearable. Should I just talk and let the worst happen? I can’t. I just can’t.
I could hear whispers from the assembly ground. “It’s Senior Ugo,he’s been eyeing her since… no’s Kenneth, I overheard him praising her beauty at the dining hall the other day…”
Just as the principal was about to dismiss the students, Father Henry walked up to her on the podium to say something.
“This new fada no know say nobody dey allowed to interrupt Reverend Sister abi? She go soon handle am. He no know say today na Friday, make him no delay us jo”, hissed the Assembly Prefect.
Wait! Oh my God! Did he just confess to her that he was…
As soon as the cold water hit my face, reality dawned on me. I realised I needed to faint again. I couldn’t handle this. If there was one thing I was going to do before I die, it would be to kill Senior Amaka!


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