It was supposed to be a good day. The state coordinator had told us to be happy and feel privileged for the opportunity to serve our nation.

He made a first class in Architecture from OAU. Despite the strikes and killings, he escaped only to be a victim
of the government’s indiscretion.
“Tk is dead. He died last week. He was posted to Bauchi under the NYSC scheme, the bomb blast killed him. Yes Aunty, he is dead.”
Obioma take it easy o! The khaki is threadbare and poorly sewn. Just shape it to my size that’s all i want! The one I am wearing na borrow I borrow am o.
I am in this village! After being duped of the N40, 000 to “runs” my posting to Lagos, I still landed here sha. I am neither pregnant nor sick so there’s no way to escape. To say the least, i feel neither happy nor privileged. I feel angry.
Its Christmas and I can’t travel by road back to Lagos. The aeroplanes are bad. the Federal Minister of aviation just blamed God for the last disaster.
So what do i do? Its not like the N19,800 the government pays per month can even afford a “church-rat” class ticket. Oh well.
They have finally signed my cds card. *phew* Now i can go to rest. Oh no i cant rest because the mosquitoes and snakes in that compound will not let me be.
At least I can kill the mosquitoes sha. Bloody native folks!
NTA news: ASUU goes on strike…
Did Tk really deserve to die? Did those plane crashes mean we had offended God? Is it our fault that our leaders
are just plain stupid? Has the NYSC outlived its purpose or are we just fooling ourselves? Why would a tribalistic government still push for national integration
among youth who do not give a damn about the scheme? Isn’t it meant to be voluntary??? We are forced to serve. I apologise, the poor corps members are forced to serve before
gaining any employment within the country while the kids of the rich leave their ghosts to serve.
“Obioma,where’s my khaki? “
“Sorry customer, my pikin dey play with candle nayim she mistakenly burn the leg part. Shey u fit manage am like dt?”
It was supposed to be a good day!


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